Grants Roundup: (Some) Rolling grants now open for FY24

No need to panic, there are no looming deadlines!

This is an abbreviated Roundup, serving to inform our wonderful constituents that three rolling grant categories are open for FY24:

PLUS! There are two additional rolling-deadline grants coming over the summer.

The grants above offer convenient deadlines, but you are advised to apply at least five (5) weeks before your project for some. Always consult the guidelines for specific instructions. *The deadline to apply for FY24 funding is Monday, March 4, 2024.

New to the Roundup?

Every Monday (or sometimes Tuesday) from (roughly) August to May the Grants Roundup will provide one-stop information on grant deadlines, what grants are open, and training opportunities from SCAC program directors and the Grants Team. Today, we’re taking a break from our break to let you know we opened three great grant opportunities. Helpful tips:

  • Consult the SCAC grants page for up-to-date information on all grant deadlines (subject to change) and deadlines for non-grant programs.
  • Always read the grant guidelines in full.
  • For next steps, grant guidance, and more information, consult the appropriate member of our team if you are an artist or represent local organizations, an educational institution, or a non-arts business or organization offering arts programming.

SCAC grants experts are here to help!

Meet the experts serving you on the SCAC Grants Team. Need assistance? Send an email to!