GCYO is looking for a part time executive director

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, September 30, 2022

Greenville County Youth Orchestra (GCYO), the afterschool orchestra program of Greenville County Schools, is currently taking applications for their part time executive director position.

Expected start date will be mid-January. If interested, please send resume and cover letter to info@gcyo.net no later than Friday, September 30.

Compensation information was not provided to The Hub. –Ed.

Position description


• Provide own office space, computer and printer. Current ED works from a home office. Also provide storage for misc. supplies, documents, etc.
• Effective oral and written communication skills
• Ability to manage a wide variety of activities and multi-task.
• Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends.
• Experienced with working with a Board of Directors or service on a non-profit Board.
• Strong people skills and ability to work with all ages.
• Public speaking ability and ability to interact with potential funders.
• Ability to work independently to achieve goals.
• Technical proficiency with Microsoft Office, fund accounting, database software and social media sources.
• Ability to work with confidential information.
• Understanding of public school structures and knowledge of orchestral music and music education is a plug.

Board and committee work

• Maintain communication with Board members
• Generate agenda each month
• Ensure assistant generates minutes in a timely fashion
• Attend Board meetings
• Arrange for meeting location of Board meetings
• Work with committee chairs as needed
• Continue to work on and implement Long Range Plan

Social media and marketing

• Facebook and Instagram posts
• Newsletter (every three months)
• Take pictures at rehearsals and short video clips
• Maintain and update website
• Set up events for concerts, etc. on Facebook

Concert Production

• Determine concert schedule for the next year with input from conductors every spring.
• Book concert venues (Peace Center, Wade Hampton, etc.)
• Volunteer Coordinator
• Create annual program booklet and contract with printer every summer/fall.
• By two weeks, prior to concert, create (with help of assistant) program inserts for each concert. Info includes orchestra rosters, concert program, soloist information if needed, and updated donor list
• Set up ticket sales through Eventbrite for non PCPA concerts
• Peace Center (PCPA):

1. Set tentative dates for the next season every spring.
2. Generate PCPA ticket set up and web site information for each concert each fall.
3. Request any needed comp tickets for donors, staff, special guests a week before the concert.
4. Generate detailed concert information for GCYO production manager and PCPA production personnel a month prior to concert.
5. At the beginning of year, hire GCYO production managers, recording/live stream specialist, ringers if needed for YAO
6. Arrange for transportation of percussion and other equipment between the Fine Arts Center and venue by GCS warehouse personnel


Grant writing

• Annual SC Arts Commission grant
• Biannual Metropolitan Arts Commission project grants
• Other grants as available/needed

Donor management: Bloomerang data base

• Enter cash or check donations
• Monitor online donations
• Send acknowledgment letters/thank you’s and year end statements
• Create donor lists for programs and website
• Coordinate with Board member on hand-written thank you notes
• Maintain contact with larger donors, offering comp tickets to concerts and events
• Work with Board member(s) on fundraising events and efforts

Orchestra/Student/Parent Work

• Fine Arts Center (FAC): Ensure that someone is present with GCYO at FAC on Mondays from 4:15 pm – 9:30 pm. This should be an FAC employee. Currently, the admin assistant is there from 4:15 pm – 7:00 pm to take attendance, and allow building access after the security guard leaves at 6:30 pm. The Executive Director is there until all students and staff are out of the building – usually around 9:30 pm.
• Auditions

1. Schedule general audition dates in late spring, early fall, and January (Prelude) (consult with staff on dates)
2. Update website with audition info
3. Set up audition application process in AcceptD.
4. Set up audition schedule for younger orchestras in AcceptD
5. Send out audition communications to applicants as needed including audition results.
6. Import new students’ information into Charms Database

• CHARMS: student database

1. Oversee administrative assistant who ensures all students have accurate information in our student database, bills and records payments of student fees
2. Set up and maintain student calendar
3. Annual closing of accounts and setup for new year

• Communications

1. Use Charms to send out General communications with students and parents about concerts, rehearsal schedules, changes, special events, auditions, etc.
2. Maintain Remind txt message system for last minute updates, cancellations, etc..
3. Handle individual emails about student issues, questions, etc.
4. Receive and handle any communications sent through our website info@gcyo.net email as well as voice messages sent to our GCSD phone# 864-335-3040e
5. Set up “classes” in REMIND for text messaging

• Weekly Rehearsals

1. Assist staff with sectionals and seating auditions at the FAC (this can be done by assistant)
2. Visit other rehearsal sites on a regular basis.
3. Communicate with administrative staff at FAC, Wade Hampton High School (WHHS), and League Academy about room access and equipment use.

• Recruiting

1. Create recruiting plan
2. Flyers for events and sending to schools
3. Attend, when able, ASTA and SCMEA events with recruiting materials
4. Work with videographer on recruiting videos

• Rehearsal Volunteers
Find and manage parent volunteers for door duty at WHHS and League Academy locations.

• Scholarship Program

1. Review and prepare scholarship applications (in backend of GCYO.net website) for committee review
2. At the committee’s direction, have admin assistant notify recipients of the award.
3. Have admin assistant create credit in charms for participation fee assistance
4. Have admin assistant gather teacher names/address for private lessons scholarships
5. Generate checks

• Personnel

• Work with education director and lead strings teacher to “hire” school district personnel for conducting and coaching positions.
• Hire additional coaches using GCYO Association budget to fill spots not paid for by district. This will usually be cello and bass coaches for Phil and YAO.
• Work with GSO education director David Kiser in utilizing GSO musicians for some of the coaching spots. They have budgeted funds to provide those to us free of charge.
• Work with GSO education director in planning Shoulder to Shoulder concert
• Maintain communication with all conductors.
Concert Volunteers:
• Determine chaperone needs for each concert.
• Set up volunteer signups in CHARMS and send emails requesting parent sign ups.
• Train volunteers at dress rehearsals.

Financial/Accounting QuickBooks or Bookkeeping Service (tbd)
The Board is considering hiring a bookkeeping service to handle these tasks so the ED would not be required to. The ED would conduct oversight of bookkeeping services and continue to have primary responsibility to ensure accuracy of financial account and reporting. ED would communicate and collaborate with the Board Treasurer on all financial matters. ED would also arrange for all necessary not-for-profit filings with the IRS (Form 990) as well as with the State of SC (Annual Financial Report).

• Payables: pay 1099 Contract Employees, service and supplies invoices, scholarship and financial aid payments
• Receipts: deposit all receipts to appropriate bank accounts including donations, student fees, concert revenues, etc.
• Manage bank accounts: checking, money market, endowment, PayPal plus petty cash.
• Manage general ledger: review monthly, enter journal entries as needed
• Create annual budget in collaboration with the Treasurer.
• Generate monthly financial reports and review them with treasurer prior to submission to the board
• Generate 1099s
• Contract with CPA to do annual 990