First Novel winners join Humanities CouncilSC speaker’s bureau

Susan Tekulve and Matt MatthewsSusan Tekulve and Matt Matthews, winners of the prestigious South Carolina First Novel Prize, have joined The Humanities CouncilSC Speakers Bureau: Humanities Out Loud program. Tekulve is the author of In the Garden of Stone, winner of the 2012 prize and a 2013 SIBA “Okra Award.”  Matthews is the author of Mercy Creek, the winner of the 2010 prize.

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“The South Carolina First Novel Prize validates the creative energy and spirit of emerging writers,”  said Humanities CouncilSC Executive Director Randy Akers. “The Humanities CouncilSC is proud to be able to showcase these new South Carolina authors through one of our longest-running and most beloved programs, the Speakers Bureau.”

Through this program, some of South Carolina’s finest scholars travel throughout the state to share their interests and knowledge of the humanities and to spark discussions about human values, traditions and cultures.

The Humanities CouncilSC makes these programs available to nonprofit groups and public agencies at a reasonable cost. The Council provides $150 towards speaker honorariums, which covers full speaker payment for the majority of programs; any other costs are negotiated between speaker and sponsor. All programs must be free and open to a general public. Each sponsoring organization is limited to two programs per year. While The Humanities CouncilSC pays $150 towards each speaker’s honorarium, the sponsoring organization must match this cost with in-kind contributions and any cash expenses the organization may incur, including travel expenses. The sponsoring organization is also responsible for making all arrangements, publicizing the event and providing final evaluations of the program.

Check out the list of speakers and topics and find out how to schedule a speaker on the The Humanities CouncilSC website.

Via: The Humanities CouncilSC