Early career African-American artists invited to apply for $25,000 William H. Johnson Prize

William H. Johnson

William H. Johnson, c. 1918

The William H. Johnson Foundation for the Arts is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that seeks to encourage African American artists early in their careers by offering financial grants. The Johnson Foundation awards grants to individuals who work in the following media: painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, installation and/or new genre. The 2015 William H. Johnson Prize is $25,000 and the winner will be announced in December 2015.

The William H. Johnson Prize is awarded annually to an early-career African American artist. For grant purposes, “early-career” is a flexible term that should be interpreted liberally to include artists who have finished their academic work within 12 years from the year that a prize is awarded. For example, a person who finished their studies in 2003 is eligible to apply in 2015, but not in 2016. Age is not determinative, and artists who have not earned BFAs or MFAs are still eligible so long as they have not been working as a professional artist for more than 12 years.

The application deadline is Friday, Sept. 18, 2015, at 5 p.m. All applications must be submitted online.

Find complete guidelines and apply online.

About William H. Johnson
William H. Johnson (1901-1970) is known primarily for his majestic Scandinavian landscapes and his witty and poignant scenes of African American daily life. Johnson, an African American from the rural South Carolina, overcame poverty, racial prejudice and a grade-school education to become one of the country’s leading artists. Through the force of his personality and with a steadfast belief in himself, Johnson created an art entirely his own, original and fresh.

Via: William H. Johnson Foundation for the Arts