Coastal Carolina University Theatre Department ranks in top 10 design, tech programs

Coastal Carolina University Theatre Department ranks in top 10 design, tech programs

Coastal Carolina University TheatreOnStage blog, a leading blog about the theatrical profession, has named Coastal Carolina University one of the “Top 10 BFA Theatre Design and Tech Programs in the Country for 2016-17.” The listing is an affirmation of the unique experiences CCU students encounter in the program, according to Todd Wren, CCU professor of lighting design.

“We are storytellers and teach our students to create meaningful art on the stage with wood, paint, light and sound,” Wren said. “It’s common for students to work on two to three main stage productions their first year, in addition to their classroom projects, which include figure drawing, 3D computer modeling and dramatic analysis.”

A small faculty-student ratio and close working relationships also set CCU’s program apart, said Monica Bell, chair of the theatre department.

“A select group of students are chosen each year to enter into this mentorship-based program that facilitates production-centered learning in different areas of design and technology,” Bell said. “It’s a wonderful recognition to land in the top 10 listing, and our students and faculty at CCU deserve the kudos!”

An excerpt from the listing:

Coastal Carolina University – Conway, SC

– The design/technology program provides intensive hands-on experience for students. The program is a four-year sequence of courses in design, theatre technology, script analysis and visual arts. The intensive class work is complement ed with the variety of practical production experience available via our aggressive production schedule. Students have the opportunity to build a strong professional portfolio that will help them enter the professional theatre or seek further training at top graduate design schools.

– Scholarships include the Department of Theatre for the Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship.  Students who have applied, been accepted and have received a recommendation will receive an award of $2000.00 (In-State) or $6500 (Out-of-State).

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