Clear your calendar for Arts Advocacy Week 2024

S.C. Arts Alliance announces big plans for Feb. 12-16, 2024

South Carolina’s annual gathering to motivate arts advocates on all levels was announced this morning by the S.C. Arts Alliance. Plan accordingly.

Featuring speakers on the Facebook Live platform, advocacy resources, celebrations, and the main event—S.C. Arts Day in Columbia—Arts Advocacy Week is five days of opportunities to raise your voice for the arts if you are:

  • an artist,
  • represent an arts organization,
  • are or know or support educators,
  • or a general arts supporter who understands the public value of the arts!

The SCAA plans to send members daily emails with advocacy actions and resources right each morning (click for information on joining… it’s free).

South Carolina Arts Alliance Logo

Advocacy Week agenda

  • Monday, Feb. 12
    > Advocacy Basics (On-Demand)
    > State of the Arts: Educational and Economic Impacts (Facebook Live)
    David Platts and Ashley Brown, SC Arts Commission
  • Tuesday, Feb. 13
    > Arts in Education Focus
    > ABC Schools Live on Facebook
  • Wednesday, Feb. 14
    > Community Impact of the Arts
    > Community Spotlight: Spartanburg, SC (Facebook Live)
    Dan Mayer, Chapman Cultural Center
    >Arts After Dark Event in Columbia
  • Thursday, Feb. 15
    > Legislative Action Day
    > SC Arts Day in Columbia
  • Friday, Feb. 16
    > Legislators on Facebook Live

A little more on S.C. Arts Day

Thursday, Feb. 15

Start your day with a hearty breakfast in the Blatt Building on Statehouse grounds with legislators and other advocates! You’ll need the energy for a packed morning of events:

  • The goal of the breakfast is connection, so remarks will be brief and, ahem, set the table for meaningful conversation with legislators as you eat together and talk about how the arts benefit their districts and yourselves.
  • You’ll be teamed up with a regional captain who will organize office meetings or quick chats in the Statehouse itself as the day’s business begins.
  • The day ends with a Main Street parade before the grand culmination: a student performance at noon on the Statehouse front steps.

Arts Day registration is now open!