Celebrate ADA’s 30th with Arts Access South Carolina

Inclusive multi-discipline residency at South Florence High School

On July 26, 2020, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

AASC master teaching artist, Carter Boucher, working with student from S.C. School for the Deaf and the Blind

The ADA was the world’s first comprehensive declaration of equality for people with disabilities. It was a collaborative effort across political parties, the legislative and the executive branches, federal and state agencies, and people with and without disabilities, signed into law in 1990. President George H.W. Bush’s emphatic directive on that day—”Let the shameful walls of exclusion finally come tumbling down”—neatly encapsulated the simple yet long overdue message of the ADA: that millions of Americans with disabilities are full-fledged citizens and as such are entitled to legal protections that ensure them equal opportunity and access to the mainstream of American life.

ARTS ACCESS South Carolina (AASC) is planning a 30 Day Count Down to 30 Years of ADA beginning June 26 through July 26, 2020. It’s all going down on our Facebook page, which you can find by clicking here.

AASC is inviting advocates, artists, and a host of others to submit an ADA Birthday Wish! We’ll celebrate through 30 comments, presentations, pictures, and/or brief expressions shared through social media platforms and other media outlets, including our statewide partner, South Carolina Arts Commission, during this 30-day period.