Call for proposals: public art in Rock Hill

Corner Oasis: Reflect and Renew

A young man relaxing in the sunset and lying in the grass.

Call for proposals

  • $30,000 (potential for $5,000 more) Public Art Design Commission
  • Rock Hill, South Carolina
  • Submission Deadline: May 12, 2022

Women’s Art Initiative of Rock Hill is a non-profit whose mission is to enhance quality of life for the community by reflecting its cultural values and artistic vitality through public art.

WAI is seeking proposals from artists/designers to create a contemporary outdoor park area with design feature(s) or artwork(s) with potential to instill calm and tranquility. The site is a pocket park on White Street in the historic Old Town District.

The work will offer residents a spot of respite; a meditative space within an urban setting. This work will celebrate nature, ideally the flora and biodiversity of Rock Hill and region. It will provide opportunities for dialogue emphasizing an increasing need for contemplation and reflection in a fast-paced society.

WAI will select one proposal whose vision incorporates these themes. The artist is responsible for the design, creation, transportation, and installation of the project and will work with WAI’s Art Committee and the City of Rock Hill.

Applicants must apply through Cafe: