Belton Heritage Days first Certified S.C. Arts and AgriCulture event

Agricultural history and traditional arts join hands at the eighth annual Heritage Days at the Depot in Belton on Oct. 6. Hosted by the Belton Area Museum Association on the grounds of the historic train depot, Heritage Days promotes the traditional arts and skills from South Carolina’s cultural past by showcasing the talents of folk artists, heritage artisans and historical interpreters.

Heritage Days is the first event to be held as part of the newly established Certified S.C. Arts and AgriCulture program. A partnership of the S.C. Department of Agriculture and the S.C. Arts Commission, Arts and Agriculture is designed to enhance the Certified S.C. brand and bring awareness to the importance of the arts and agriculture to South Carolina’s economy and to the quality of life and cultural well-being of the people of the state. The program is a salute to those who not only cultivate ideas through their artistic ability but also to those who cultivate and nurture the land through their ability to grow food, fiber and fuel.

Heritage Days features presentations of living traditions by artisans, including two recipients of the Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Award – Gullah doll maker Jeanette Gaillard-Lee and chair caner Willie Van Brailey. Other artisans include indigo dyer Renee Gillespie, turkey call maker Bob Harwell, gourd artist Millie Chaplin, monument carver David Gillespie and primitive skills/fire maker Bob Perry.

Artists, nonprofit and for-profit arts-based businesses and arts-related events may apply for membership in the Arts and AgriCulture program. To qualify, the applicant must be either be

  •  a visual, craft, performing, literary or film/media artist; or
  •  a nonprofit or for-profit organization or business that represents, sells, presents or promotes a majority of artworks; or
  •  a time-limited performance, exhibition, festival, etc., that presents, sells or promotes a majority of artworks.

Additional criteria:

  • artwork materials must be made of S.C. agricultural products either cultivated or naturally occurring; or
  • the artwork subject matter must depict or suggest S.C. agriculture or forestry themes; or
  • the creative form for the artwork must represent S.C. agricultural heritage or traditions associated with agriculture and forestry.

Find out how to apply for the Certified S.C. Arts and Agriculture program on the S.C. Department of Agricultural’s website. For additional information contact Ansley Turnblad, (803) 734-2210.

Read more about Heritage Days at the Depot or call Allison Darby, (864) 958-5264 for additional information.

Photo above: Monument carver David Gillespie

Jeanette Gaillard-Lee

Jeanette Gaillard-Lee