Assessing arts-integrated lessons: a webinar

Tools so teaching artists don’t lose sleep

So, you’ve done what it takes to establish yourself as a teaching artist.

Promo photo of Jef Lambdin juggling and wearing a red clown nose.

Jef Lambdin, photo by George Loudon.

Through the Art Grow SC webinar series…

  • You got the nuts and bolts of it.
  • You drilled down on the 2017 South Carolina College- and Career-Ready Standards in Teaching Artistry.
  • You marketed yourself.
  • You landed a residency or other engagement.

How do you know it’s all working?  Authentically assessing an integrated lesson can be a challenge to teaching artists. How do you know when your students know, or can do, what you taught them?

Don’t lose sleep. Round 4 of the #ArtsGrowSC webinar series “Being a Teaching Artist” can help.

During this afternoon webinar, we will examine the very best assessment resources for you as a teaching artist: from rubrics to checklists to ideas and more in order to implement authentic arts integration assessments with ease. Facilitator and teaching artist Jef Lambdin returns to walk you through it.

  • Webinar 4: Assessing Arts-Integrated Lessons
    Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2022: 4-5:30 p.m.

Further topics include how to persist through roadblocks and how to make sure your message is consistent, a critical brand element.

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The “Being a Teaching Artist” series is a free resource from the South Carolina Arts Commission and Arts Grow SC.