Arts Daily / Workshop: How to Photograph Your Artwork

Workshop: How to Photograph Your Artwork

Whether it’s for promotional print material, a website, or an application for a competition or exhibition, every artist needs good digital photographs of their artwork. Local professional photographer, Stan Foxworthy, will instruct artists on the basics for photographing artwork in a free two-hour workshop, January 30th at the Olde Village Community Building in North Charleston, presented by the City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department. Stan has over 30 years of experience in commercial photography and has worked with start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, major events, and everything in between. The workshop will cover how to photograph both 2D and 3D artwork and include discussion on lighting, white balance, the use of polarizing filters, depth of field, and lens use. Participants must bring a digital camera and be familiar with its basic settings. Artwork will be staged for participants to experiment with taking images.