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When Paul Came Over the Sea: A Documentary Film

German filmmaker Jakob Preuss met Paul Nkamani on the Moroccan coast, where the former was conducting research on Europe’s external borders and the latter was living in a forest, waiting for an opportune moment to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Preuss’s award-winning 2017 documentary, When Paul Came Over the Sea (Als Paul über das Meer kam), follows Nkamani’s harrowing crossing to Spain in an inflatable rubber boat, to his subsequent detention on a prison island, and his journey across Spain and France to his final destination in Germany. The events of the film and Paul’s experiences inform the current debate on European immigration. Coastal Carolina University’s Cultural Arts Committee presents a screening of When Paul Came Over the Sea, April 14th at 5 p.m., in The Coastal Theater of the Lib Jackson Student Union on campus in Conway. The director will be in attendance.