Arts Daily / Through it all I RISE! | An Exhibit by Keith Tolen

Through it all I RISE! | An Exhibit by Keith Tolen

In his exhibit, Through it all I RISE!, artist Keith Tolen aims to show that “regardless of what we do as human beings, there is a greater power. The greater power transcends all physical, even visual forms.” The three faces that he shares in his work “reflect attempts to call on higher forces.” Two black and white images “reflect the action of just trying to hold yourself together.” A closeup of a face with hands placed nearby shows “an act of frustration, but that is not the end of the story.” A blue man is symbolic of both a silhouette and a mugshot; “the face is in the position of the mugshot, but that does not mean there is guilt. The use of blue with an orange background challenges the viewer to consider oppositions and possibilities. There is an upward gaze that calls on hope.” Tolen, with Through it all I RISE!, invites you to “keep HOPE alive!” The Arts Center of Kershaw County in Camden presents this exhibit by Keith Tolen, on view September 17th through October 16th.