Arts Daily / The Tempest at USC’s Drayton Hall Theatre

The Tempest at USC’s Drayton Hall Theatre

Even after four centuries, “The Tempest” still has a mystical power to enchant audiences with its enthralling tale of romance, revenge and redemption. Prospero, the unlawfully-exiled Duke of Milan, has lived on a remote island with his daughter, Miranda, for twelve years — enough time to study and perfect his skills in the realms of magic. When Antonio, the brother who usurped Prospero’s title, sails near the island, the powerful sorcerer conjures a storm which forces his betrayer’s ship ashore, and carries out a supernatural scheme to enact vengeance, restore his rightful nobility and, finally, return home. University of South Carolina Department of Theatre and Dance presents The Tempest, April 15-17 & 20-23 at Drayton Hall Theatre.