Arts Daily / The Disappearing Frogs Project – Exhibition, Performance, Lectures, Reception

The Disappearing Frogs Project – Exhibition, Performance, Lectures, Reception

Why are frogs disappearing, and what can we do to help? The Disappearing Frogs Project features a multi-media art exhibition curated by artist Terry Thirion; Green Heaven – a puppet show focusing on environmental awareness; art activities; and lectures on ways to make your backyard more welcoming to your favorite amphibians. You can view and purchase frog art by local artists, create your own take-home frog art, and watch on-going digital and video presentations, at the Community Performance Center in Rock Hill, April 16-25. All sales from artwork benefit benefit the Amphibian Survival Alliance. Admission to the exhibition is free. A reception will be held Saturday, April 18 at 6pm, when The Disappearing Frogs Project artists will be available to talk about their work. The reception will also feature a lecture by Robin Moore, noted Conservation Photographer and author, who has spent a lifetime photographing nature for National Geographic, the Rainforest Trust, Global Wildlife Conservation and other wildlife publications. His book, In Search of Lost Frogs, brought together 120 scientists in 21 countries to look for 100 lost frogs. The reception and lecture are free. Green Heaven Royal Spa & Resort Puppet Show with Fun Frog Facts will be presented Saturday April 18 at 2pm. Tickets are $5. The show presents an inspiring and entertaining tale about a gathering at a frog spa nestled in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and playfully illustrates the very serious dangers of treating water and soil with pesticides and chemicals. The show will be followed at 2:30 PM by Fun Frog Facts with Dr. Steve Fields, curator of natural history for the Culture and Heritage Museums of York County, where he has worked since 1986. He is also an adjunct faculty member in the Biology Department at Winthrop University, where he has served as an instructor since 1997.