Arts Daily / Summer Art Movies: “Spirited Away”

Summer Art Movies: “Spirited Away”

Spartanburg Art Museum’s Summer Art Movies series continues Thursday June 25 @ 7pm with “Spirited Away.” Free admission (suggested donation $3). Cash bar; fresh popcorn; family friendly. According to Roger Ebert, “Spirited Away is surely one of the finest of all animated films, and it has its foundation in the traditional bedrock of animation, which is frame-by-frame drawing…Movies about specific characters in a detailed world are spellbinding because they make no attempt to cater to us; they are defiantly, triumphantly, themselves. As I watched the film again, I was spellbound as much as by any film I consider great. That helps explain why ‘Spirited Away’ grossed more than “Titanic” in Japan, and was the first foreign film in history to open in the U. S. having already made more than $200 million.”