Arts Daily / Stories on My Back: Installation by Richard Lou

Stories on My Back: Installation by Richard Lou

“Stories on My Back” is a multi-media installation that combines photography, found objects, sound walls of tamale husks by Clemson Alumni, Richard Lou, MFA 1986. The installation introduces visitors to questions about cultural identify through references to the artists Hispanic and Chinese heritage. The artist writes “As a contemporary image-maker I am interested in collecting dissonant ideas and narratives allowing them to bump into each other, to coax new meanings and possibilities that dismantle the hierarchy of images. The work serves as an ideological, social, political, and cultural matrix from which I understand my place in this world and to make a simple marking of the cultural shifts of my community.” On view in Clemson University’s Lee Gallery (1-101 Lee Hall), August 22nd through October 13th. Hours are 9 a.m.–4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.