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Sounds From the Lowcountry: A Gullah Tradition

In the Gullah tradition of rhythmic hand-claps, foot-stomps, and voices lifted up in song, Lowcountry Voices joins the Charleston Jazz Orchestra for Sounds From the Lowcountry: A Gullah Tradition, October 17th at Charleston Music Hall. It’s an evening to honor centuries of oral traditions and celebrate the spiritual thread that binds generations. Under the direction of Nathan L. Nelson, Lowcountry Voices is a multicultural and ethnically diverse choral performing arts organization with an emphasis on African-American music performed in the South Carolina Lowcountry tradition. The art of Gullah music is extremely rich and has a deep connection with its African roots and ancestors, and genres such as jazz, blues, ragtime, gospel and “soul music,” would not even exist without the influence of African and Gullah music on the world.