Arts Daily / Something to Take My Place: The Art of Lonnie Holley

Something to Take My Place: The Art of Lonnie Holley

The Halsey Institute has organized a multi-faceted showcase of American artist and musician Lonnie Holley, on view August 22nd through October 10th. This exhibition is Holley’s first solo museum exhibition since 1994, and will feature a selection of the artist’s assemblage works since the early 1990s, with an emphasis on recent work. He will also have three works on view in the Addlestone Library. The comprehensive project features a residency, exhibition, video, concert, and monographic catalogue. Lonnie Holley incorporates natural and man-made objects, already imbued with cultural and artistic associations, into narrative sculptures that commemorate places, people, and events. These objects “speak” to Holley, unleashing his creative imagination. Holley believes that art and life are in constant need of renewal so he transforms objects that have been discarded or appear worn and gives them new life. Everything he creates is spontaneous and improvisational. Editing and repurposing are an integral part of his creative method. He presents concepts poetically, utilizing memory and storytelling to catalyze thought. The power of Holley’s work derives from the multiple associations brought forth by new juxtapositions and innovative combinations of familiar objects. These collisions excite the faculties of memory and meaning in the viewer. His works offer a trace of one artist’s raw and honest attempt to turn a thought into a thing. The exhibition’s opening reception is August 21 from 6:30PM – 8:00PM. There will be two Gallery Talks offered: Halsey Institute director and chief curator Mark Sloan will walk through the exhibition with Holley and discuss his work and life, August 22 at 1:00PM; and essayists & scholars Leslie Umberger, Bernard L. Herman, and Theodore Rosengarten will walk through the exhibition September 12 and discuss their varied approaches and impressions of Holley’s works.