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Ruptured Silence, Eto Otitigbe

701 CCA in Columbia presents Eto Otitigbe’s Ruptured Silence, opening March 5 with the artist reception from 7 to 9pm, on view through April 19. Ruptured Silence is the title of a performance originally conceived by Wideman/Davis Dance that examined contemporary perspectives about the confederate flag, a bygone symbol and its usage as an intimidation tool. Otitigbe chose to adopt Ruptured Silence as the title of his solo exhibition at 701 CCA. The exhibition includes a series of sculptures and experimental drawings that are alternative representations of familiar themes and objects. While in residence Otitigbe will collaborate with Wideman/ Dance to develop Ruptured Silence: Racist Symbols and Signs, a new media performance installation that explores the deconstruction of the southern civil rights memento, the confederate flag.