Arts Daily / Reimagining Billy Joel – Wheel Session 86

Reimagining Billy Joel – Wheel Session 86

Alto saxophonist Tom Wright showcases his reworking, rescoring, and “reimagining” of a collection of Billy Joel’s greatest hits at Wheel Session 76. Following up on his recent release – Notes from the Journey, Tom Wright’s Cat and Mouse Quartet – Tom rolls on with his original and creative approach to orchestrating music for the jazz quartet. And, in the agile hands of pianist Sean Higgins, bassist Shannon Hoover, and drummer Kevin Korschgen, you can expect Joel’s tunes to take us on a very magical journey.

Tom Wright is a saxophonist, composer, math professor, and avid traveler who lives in Spartanburg, SC. He is currently the director of the Spartanburg Jazz Ensemble, the composer-in-residence for the Greenville Jazz Collective, and a freelance musician in the Carolinas.