Arts Daily / Lonnie Holley at the Charleston Farmers Market

Lonnie Holley at the Charleston Farmers Market

From 8:00AM to 1:00PM exhibiting assemblage artist Lonnie Holley will talk with Charleston Farmers Market visitors and lead them in creating small assemblage works from found objects gathered from the city. Participants can bring their own materials to work with or use some provided. Everything Holley creates is spontaneous and improvisational. Editing and repurposing are an integral part of his creative method. He presents concepts poetically, utilizing memory and storytelling to catalyze thought. The power of his work derives from the multiple associations brought forth by new juxtapositions and innovative combinations of familiar objects. These collisions excite the faculties of memory and meaning in the viewer. Open to residents of all ages. The event is presented in conjunction with the Halsey’s multi-faceted showcase of Holley’s work.