Arts Daily / Leah Milligan Cabinum: eclipse 2

Leah Milligan Cabinum: eclipse 2

Leah Milligan Cabinum’s sculpture installation eclipse 2 is on view at Greenville Technical College’s Riverworks Gallery in downtown Greenville through May 29. The word “eclipse” references the lunar-solar cycles that through the calendar and clock, have become the universal measurement of the cycles of our lives. Leah Mulligan Cabinum says, “The works in this exhibition are intended to mimic life’s cyclical nature through an active exploitation of materials.” In eclipse 2, she is exploiting bicycle tire inner tubes, repurposing them as elegant fabric in graceful folds. Here, inner tubes as a material eclipse their function to transcend the mundane with universal life possibilities. Riverworks is open 1 – 5 Wednesday through Sunday.