Arts Daily / Jeff Case: Nang Yai: 3D Shadow Art

Jeff Case: Nang Yai: 3D Shadow Art

Coastal Carolina University in Conway presents Jeff Case: Nang Yai 3D Shadow Art July 16 – August 24 at the Rebecca Randall Bryan Art Gallery. Nang Yai is an ancient Thai art form dating back to the 1400s using shadow puppetry to retell cultural narratives with intricately designed animal hides, a bonfire and a white screen. Case, associate professor in the Department of Visual Arts, is best known for his work in cutting-edge technology such as rapid prototyping and 3D scanning and printing. Case’s work interprets this ancient art using modern methods. His stereographic depictions of mythical Thai scenes are 3D rendered and 3D printed, with shadows cast from light carefully harnessed within a printed globe. Free.