Arts Daily / Introduction to Pottery Classes in Columbia – July/August

Introduction to Pottery Classes in Columbia – July/August

Columbia Art Center offers Introduction to Pottery classes, with alternating instructors Valerie Lamott, Sylvia Potts and Apryl Campbell, in multiple sessions throughout the year: March 9th through April 13th, May 4th through June 15th, July 6th through August 10th, September 14th through October 19th, and November 9th through December 21st. Each session meets Mondays from 6 to 8 pm for six weeks. The class is designed to equip the student with the basics of pottery, including (but not limited to) information on types of clay, knowledge of basic tools, techniques associated with pinch pots, coils, and working with slabs. The registration fee covers instruction, materials and operational costs. Students must have their own pottery tools. Each session requires a minimum enrollment of three and a maximum of 10. The registration deadline is two weeks before the first class.