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House Calls, The Strange Tale of Dr. Gale

It’s the 1970s, and Forest Acres, South Carolina is a calm neighborhood. Dr. Ian S. Gale is a practicing psychiatrist, and an expert witness for local trials. However, at night, Dr. Gale becomes one of the most sought-after criminals in Columbia – a burglar who, in the end, accrued over $500,000 worth of guns, antiques, rate coins, jewelry, and other loot from the residents of Forest Acres. Leaving calling cards like disassembled security systems, plates where he had helped himself to a sandwich from the fridge, or wet towels from where he’d enjoyed a shower, Gale took pride in his work and his ability to pull the wool over the eyes of his victims (and the police). How could a successful pillar of the community turn to crime? Trustus Theatre in Columbia presents House Calls, The Strange Tale of Dr. Gale, a unique examination of a local true-crime story, written by Charlie Finesilver. Performances are Thursdays through Sundays, August 20th through 29th.