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Home on the Mornin’ Train

“Home on the Mornin’ Train” will be performed by the College of Charleston Theatre department, March 12-15 & 18-22 in Chapel Theatre. Directed by Laura Turner and written by Kim Hines. The kindness of strangers amidst a great danger has kept the Underground Railroad alive to this day. This play shows the freedom train in action as two stories unfold a hundred years apart. In 1939 as World War II begins, young Jews escaping Germany find inspiration in a book about the journey of young slaves escaping the South in 1839. Intertwined in their stories are beautiful African American and Jewish songs that speak to a legacy of hope through the ages. Their stories stand as a testament to the unimaginable courage to reach out and help no matter your color, your beliefs, or your station. Performances are at 7:30 PM except for Sundays (3:00 PM).