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Grass in the Hall

“Johns island Americana-roots band The Lowhills make easy-going, clever, and at times hilarious music that mixes jazz, classic country, bluegrass, swing, and R&B. Mandolinist-songwriter Lauren Bevins Cahill and her Norah Jones-like vocals head up the trio along with her husband Matt Cahill on standup bass and the bands lifelong friend Joe Marlow primary songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Marlow and Matt grew up playing music together in Nashville, later forming Rock band The Tips and opening for big-name acts like Foreigner. As for the latest venture fans of Carole King, Fleetwood Mac, Hank Williams, Roberta Flack, and of course, Norah Jones will feel right at home with the Lowhills.”

-Kelly Rae Smith, Charleston City Paper