Arts Daily / False Dichotomy by Heather Thornton & Sage Graham

False Dichotomy by Heather Thornton & Sage Graham

The City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department presents False Dichotomy May 4 РJune 3 at Historic Reynolds Avenue Fire Station. Using a mix of traditional sculpture media and donated materials, discarded items, and found objects, artists Sage Graham and Heather Thornton have transformed the engine bays of a vacant fire station into an immersive art installation. Their collaboration is inspired by the two hemispheres of the brain: one responsible for creativity and the other for logic. Approaching the space as two separate yet connected rooms, the artists aim to explore the concepts of duality, conflict, harmony, and choice. On view Friday РSunday from 2 Р6 p.m. Reception takes place April 27 from 6 Р9 p.m. Free admission and parking.