Arts Daily / EXHIBITION: “Victoria Wyeth: My Andy”

EXHIBITION: “Victoria Wyeth: My Andy”

Marking the centennial of Andrew Wyeth’s birth, “Victoria Wyeth: My Andy” offers an intimate look into the life of Andrew Wyeth and his family, as photographed by his only grandchild, Victoria Wyeth. The exhibition features black-and-white film photographs taken from 1993 to 2013 at the Wyeth homes in Pennsylvania and Maine. The exhibition runs July 12 through October 22 at the Greenville County Museum of Art in conjunction with the exhibition “Wyeth Dynasty,” which showcases the museum’s large collection of Andrew Wyeth’s watercolors, temperas, and drawings, as well as works by Jamie Wyeth, N.C. Wyeth, and Andrew’s sisters, Carolyn and Henriette Wyeth. Free.