Arts Daily / Exhibition “Captured: The Photography of Seven”

Exhibition “Captured: The Photography of Seven”

Gallery West at 118 State Street in West Columbia presents “Captured: The Photography of Seven,” an exhibition featuring the work of seven photographers: Frank Baker, Jim Hoyle, Russell Jeffcoat, Katie Purnell, Dalvin Spann, Francis Schanberger, and Olaf Wegner. The subject matter in “Captured: The Photography of Seven” is in fact so diverse that it feels as if there are seven separate exhibitions under one roof. Each photographer has their own distinct vision and focus, yet share the common goal of asking the viewer to observe and enter the world through their eyes and lens. In addition to the work by contemporary photographers, early works from Edward Weston, George Hurrell, Frederich Ohringer, and Jock Sturges will be part of the exhibition. “Captured: The Photography of Seven” is on view September 16 through November 1. An Opening Reception will be held September 15 from 6:00-9:00 pm.