Arts Daily / Cordis: A Post-Rock Rendering of Chamber Music

Cordis: A Post-Rock Rendering of Chamber Music

Cordis has been fusing an original combination of custom-made and traditional ethnic instruments to create its signature sound since 2007. This sparkling distortion of progressive chamber music is defined by the talents of electric cimbalomist Richard Grimes, multi-percussionist Andrew Beall, electro-acoustic cellist Jeremy Harman and pianist/keyboardist Dan Padgett. The group crafts its sound by weaving the unlikely timbre of electric mbiras, modified typewriters, pitched wind tubes, 19th-century talking machines and the world’s longest-playing cylinder-driven music box into the mix. The performance is scheduled for October 2nd at 4 p.m. in Wheelwright Auditorium at Coastal Carolina University. Tickets $20.