Arts Daily / Concurrent Solo Exhibits – Mary Walker & Katy Mixon

Concurrent Solo Exhibits – Mary Walker & Katy Mixon

In Mary Walker’s Dance Prints, the artist demonstrates her long-held love of dance. Several series of dance monoprints will be exhibited, showing movement, passion, and the layered sentimentality of the art. In Open Endings by Katy Mixon, the artist showcases her unique process: adding numerous layers of oil paint to panels, then carving back into the paint to reveal built-up surface complexity. The harvested chips of paint are used to start new works, seeds to germinate new paintings. Leftover supports become raw material for new constructions and used hand rags are sewn into patterns modeled after scrap fabric quilting. As the graft from one painting morphs into the next, her studio is a body in the act of becoming, both decaying and procreating.