Arts Daily / Choral Concert – “Una Sancta: Out of Many, One”

Choral Concert – “Una Sancta: Out of Many, One”

Amidst the storm that was Nazi Germany in the 1930s, Max Josef Metzger served as a beacon of hope and an ardent voice calling for peace and spiritual unity prior to his execution at the hands of the Nazi party in 1944. Charleston-based Irish composer Cormac O’Duffy has set the words of the Catholic priest in a cantata called Gefängnisgedichte (Prison Poems). The work will be performed by the Taylor Festival Choir at “Una Sancta: Out of Many, One,” February 2nd at at 4:00 pm, at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church Paris in Charleston. In the spirit of the ecumenical unity sought by Metzger, the concert will open with the Catholic motet Beatus Vir by Claudio Monteverdi, and close with J.S. Bach’s Lutheran motet Singet dem Herrn.