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Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Trustus Theatre in Columbia presents Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, an unexpected rock musical that follows America’s seventh president from his early days as a child on the wild frontier of South Carolina’s Waxhaws to his controversial reign in the White House. With the country divided into rich and poor (and with continued displacement of Native Americans upsetting pieces of the new world), Jackson begins his steady climb from military strategist to populist rabble-rouser to President of the United States. Jackson was the original swamp-drainer, the first cabinet-cleaner, the guy who put his family and friends into positions of power when he cleaned those cabinets. All of the ups and downs of Populism are on display, March 13th through April 4th. The first three shows of 2020 at Trustus are presented in the round, allowing audiences to converge on these works from all sides – immersing participants in these stories, connecting the performers more deeply with audiences, and bringing a new level of intimacy to the Thigpen Main Stage.