Arts Daily / Audubon Speaker: Deborah Cramer

Audubon Speaker: Deborah Cramer

Charleston Library Society hosts Deborah Cramer, author of “The Narrow Edge: A tiny bird, an ancient crab, & an epic journey,” May 11th at 6PM for an evening of conservation and conversation. Between the full moons of April & May every year, the Lowcountry hosts a spectacular array of migrating birds. Cramer traced the journey of the red knot, a shorebird roughly the size of a coffee cup, which uses our coast as a stopover on its 10,000 mile migration from Tierra de Fuego to the Arctic. Her talk will describe their trip, the threats they face, and the people working to protect them along the way. Lecture & reception are free of charge and will take place at the Charleston Library Society. RSVP by email.