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AUDITIONS for “The Dog Park”

Electric City Playhouse in Anderson will hold auditions for “The Dog Park,” April 3 & 4 at 6pm.

Roles to be cast:
LADY JANE – Howard’s dog: a tiny Chihuahua, female, 18 years old.
THE DOG’S PART will be auditioned for! If your dog can pull off a Chihuahua “attitude”,
No matter their breed…we want to see you there!
FRANKLIN MORRIS – A gentleman in his early sixties.
HOWARD DOUGLAS – A gentleman in his late seventies.
BEN DAVIS – A young man in his late twenties, very handsome and athletic.
JESSICA THORNTON – A young girl in her early twenties, slight and earthy looking.
DOROTHY WILSON – A lady in her late sixties.
SGT. LYLE ADAMS – City policeman, mid-thirties.

Written by Beth Batson. Directed by Barbara Scott. Produced by Bill Scott.