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All Roads Lead to Vienna

All Roads Lead to Vienna… if you’re Mozart or Beethoven, that is. While neither composer was born in Vienna, it is the city to which both men gravitated during the heights of their careers, and where both found widespread fame. The Charleston Symphony presents “All Roads Lead to Vienna,” April 3rd and 4th at the Charleston Library Society. The evening’s program features a short piece by Mozart, his Oboe Quartet in F Major, followed by Beethoven’s virtuosic Septet in E-flat Major, a composition that illustrates Beethoven’s role in the transition from the classical to romantic musical style. Beethoven was a bit of a rule-breaker, as you’ll hear in his Septet, which features an unusual instrumentation and is written in six movements—an uncommon number for a work of this style. You’re invited to sit back, relax, and grab your Viennese coffee: this is going to be a big, bold night in Vienna.