Arts Daily / A Revolving Landscape – Lecture by John K. Grande

A Revolving Landscape – Lecture by John K. Grande

As the landscape and environments change on our planet, artists’ engagement with nature becomes increasingly relevant to the broader cultural discourse on globalization and ecology. Regional initiatives involving art actions that involves nature and process take precedence over the object as sculpture. The Studio Art Department at the College of Charleston School of the Arts presents “A Revolving Landscape,” a lecture by John K. Grande, April 22 at 7pm in the Simons Center for the Arts in Charleston. John K. Grande, who has curated 5 editions of Earth Art at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario and Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver, British Columbia, presents examples of an art that expresses our connectedness to the earth. Grande will present an important portal of discovery, where art becomes part of our origins within nature’s systems, but equally represents a future continuity of art that is part of the evolution of human culture in a post-oil economy.