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A Christmas Goat – Live Action Theater

A Christmas Goat is a comedy about a southern family in the mid 1980’s trying to get their father back over for Christmas dinner. Well, some of the family at least. He hasn’t been to a Christmas dinner since his mom passed away five years ago. His children aren’t exactly excited about his other “child,” the Goat. But what they don’t know is that dear old dad has plans for Goat this Christmas… and Goat isn’t happy about those plans at all. Meanwhile, there’s drama about a bad step railing, the Barbara Mandrell Family Christmas Special, and the ham they didn’t get from Piggly Wiggly (they shoulda gone to Piggly Wiggly). Think Mama’s Family, but with a talking goat. Performances are December 11 at 7pm, and December12 & 13 at 3pm, at New Heights Middle School in Jefferson, SC. Admission is $3; children 4 and under free.