Arts Daily / Reading-Concert-Book Signing with Josh Rosenthal

Reading-Concert-Book Signing with Josh Rosenthal

Horizon Records in Greenville hosts Josh Rosenthal for a reading-concert-book signing, April 13th. Producer Rosenthal founded Tompkins Square Records, a San Francisco-based label that’s garnered seven Grammy nominations for its diverse catalog of new and archival recordings. He’s been a PR man for Sony Recordings, engineering the campaign that drove Robert Johnson’s “Complete Recordings” box-set to gold status in the early 1990’s. And now he’s an author; Rosenthal’s book, “The Record Store Of The Mind,” starts out as a series of critical essays before evolving into something more. It’s a work that’s not quite straightahead music criticism and not quite memoir, but somewhere in between. It’s part “High Fidelity, part collector’s travelogue, part scholarly history and part autobiography of a legendary label owner.