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1-Day Film School

The South Carolina Film Institute offers three one-day film school workshops, Saturday July 18, 2015, at 2927 Devine St, Suite 130, Columbia, SC. Acting is 12-3pm for $100; Directing is 3:30-6:30pm for $100; and Acting and Directing (combined) is 12-6pm for $150. The Acting workshops will be led by Javon Johnson, Hollywood and New York Screen Actors Guild member. Johnson has worked with/for Tyler Perry, Ben Affleck, Ice Cube, many more. Key points will include how to get into SAG (Screen Actors Guild), casting, and how to break into the LA/NY/ATL film industry. The workshop also includes an audition tape. The Directing workshops will be led by Terence Gordon, who has more than 20 years experience in Film/Television/Music and Video/Commercial directing. Terence has directed over 30 productions in his career. Some of his notable clients include MTV, 7UP, and Garnier Fructise. Key points will include cinematography, what lenses to buy/use, lighting for film/TV/commercial, and directing tips.