Arts learning job opportunities available

Arts learning is having a day in South Carolina.

Two new positions, which are at different South Carolina universities but yet related, are open and seeking qualified applicants.

CARE Project Program Manager


Back in the fall, The Hub covered the formation of a five-year case study working to improve arts learning in rural counties. Today, on behalf of the ABC Project, we share that the case study is looking for its program manager.

The Community Access to the Arts in Rural Education (CARE) Project Program Manager (PM) is responsible for coordinating all CARE Project activities, documentation and grant reporting. The objective of the CARE Project, which is funded by the USDE Assistance in Arts Education grant, is to develop an arts-rich education in Allendale County School District (ACSD) schools. Toward that end, the program manager also will serve as ACSD’s Director of Visual and Performing Arts and will oversee administration of the district’s visual and performing arts programs in alignment with its mission, vision and beliefs.

Coordinates and implements all CARE Project initiatives and deliverables, including the following:
  • recruits steering committee members and potential partners for the ACSD Rural Network;
  • facilitates the strategic planning process for ACSD and its schools and assists with implementation of program initiatives;
  • contracts and secures logistics for residencies, professional development and research services; and
  • trains ACSD personnel to sustain practices beyond the CARE Project.

Additionally, the program manager is to serve as director of visual and performing arts for the ACSD in accordance with suggested responsibilities and requirements as outlined by PSAE. They will also:

  • Work extensively with the ABC Director and CARE Advisory Council to administer the CARE Project throughout ACSD.
  • Work closely with the ABC Director and Business Operations Manager to accurately report all activities and associated expenditures of the CARE Project.

The full posting for program manager is available here.

UofSC REM Center Research Associate

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, February 18, 2022

Interested in a higher-level view of the CARE Project and Arts Grow SC, South Carolina’s landmark $20 million arts learning partnership? Check out this posting for a research associate from the Research, Evaluation, and Measurement Center at the University of South Carolina College of Education.

The research associate will manage the evaluations of Arts Grow SC and the CARE Project. A background in the arts is a bonus but not a requirement. As the CARE Project is a deep dive mixed methods case study, researchers/evaluators with a strong capacity for understanding and responding to culture, context, and community are needed, according to a REM Center professor. Here’s a little more:

This Research Associate will coordinate and manage projects evaluating education initiatives in arts education, with an emphasis on rural settings. The Research Associate will plan and conduct a variety of research tasks associated with the evaluation plans, including data collection, analysis, and reporting. The Research Associate will coordinate the writing of evaluation summaries and annual reports based on mixed methods data collection and analysis. In addition, the Research Associate will assist faculty members in organizing, managing, and developing the work of graduate students. Inclusiveness and diversity are integral to the Research, Evaluation, and Measurement Center’s commitment to excellence. We encourage applications from candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through their work in research and evaluation.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Contributes to project teams on the design and development of methods used to evaluate programs, conduct research studies, and/or support assessment projects. Participates in meetings of research teams and clients and consults with project faculty.
  • Provides leadership in the development and selection of instruments and tools for analysis of educational data. This includes developing survey items, interview and focus group protocols, and rubrics and other measures of implementation and program quality.
  • Performs and organizes data analyses including data entry, data management, statistical analysis, and qualitative coding. Uses appropriate software such as SPSSSAS, Excel, and qualitative analysis software for analyzing data. Maintains documentation of data files and analyses.
  • Responsible for data integrity and executing extensive quality assurance and confidentiality procedures. Maintains appropriate documentation.
  • Communicates with external clients regarding data collection activities. This includes scheduling meetings and planning data collection events (e.g., interviews, focus groups, site visits); collecting feedback on data collection instruments in development (e.g., surveys, implementation rubrics); obtaining data needed from clients (e.g., student assessment data, other school data); disseminating and collecting data from online systems (e.g., surveys, rubrics); and other relevant data collection.
  • Collects data in a variety of formats, including surveys (both in-person and online), web-based document sharing, focus groups, interviews, and other applicable data collection methods. Responsible for data integrity and executing extensive quality assurance and confidentiality procedures. Maintains appropriate documentation.
  • Assists one or more faculty members in organizing and managing the work of graduate students employed as Research Assistants. This includes project coordination and management, delegation of tasks to Research Assistants, review of Research Assistants’ work and providing feedback on their work, and offering professional support to develop students’ skills.
  • Writes evaluation and technical reports to summarize methods and results. Also prepares research briefs accessible to a non-technical audience. Uses MS Word, MS Excel, and other software to prepare reports, including creating tables and graphs as well as formatting reports.
  • Reviews narrative written by other team members and provides timely feedback. Schedules timelines for drafting narrative that includes appropriate time for supervisors’ review. Presents reports to clients and key stakeholders as requested.

The full posting for research associate is available here.

Image by Tracy Lundgren from Pixabay