Arts Council of York County’s literary contest open to adults and youth

The Arts Council of York County invites submissions for its 10th Annual Literary Competition, which includes a contest for adults and for youth. The adult competition is open to artists in the Southeastern United States, and the youth competition is open to students enrolled in a K-12 program in York County, S.C.  Each category will be judged independently.

The postmark deadline for entries in both competitions is Friday, September 20, 2013, by 5 p.m.

Adults and youth may submit short stories and poetry. Entries are eligible to win an award in each competition, however, there will be no repeat prize winners within the categories. The winners of the 2nd Annual Youth Literary Competition will be awarded certificates of achievement.

There are no restrictions on subject matter. All submissions must be the unpublished, original work of the artist, and rights remain with the artist.

All applicants are invited to attend the public awards ceremony on Oct. 24 and the informal, open mic night that will follow the ceremony.

For complete guidelines and entry information, visit

Via: Arts Council of York County