Artist collaborates with The Philip Simmons Foundation in new gift collection

Artist collaborates with The Philip Simmons Foundation in new gift collection

North Charleston glass and metal artist Steve Hazard has partnered with the Philip Simmons Foundation to produce a new gift collection of ornaments, paperweights, coasters, bowls and vases in etched crystal and glass. These items feature designs from the extensive portfolio of drawings and sketches by Philip Simmons, the legendary master blacksmith of Charleston. Motifs chosen for the collection were designed by Simmons and can be found on Charleston gates and on works in museums in Columbia, Atlanta, and Washington, DC.

When Hazard relocated from San Diego to Charleston in 2003, Simmons was the first local artisan he wanted to meet. Hazard shared photos of his past projects in metal, glass and clay. Simmons reciprocated, sharing detailed plans and photos of a few of the many commissions he had completed during his 80-year career. Hazard hoped to collaborate with Simmons on a project incorporating metal and glass, but due to Simmons’ retirement, that collaboration did not happen before Simmons passed away in 2009.

Last summer, Rossie Colter of the Philip Simmons Foundation approached Hazard about fabricating a collection of gifts. Hazard welcomed the opportunity to use his skills to honor Simmons’ legacy by translating a set of iconic motifs from his ironworks to glass. The Philip Simmons Crystal & Glass Collection expands the audience for Simmons’ work and increases awareness of the contributions he made through his artistry and humanity.

Pieces from the collection are available for purchase on the Foundation’s website and in the gift shop at the Philip Simmons Museum House in Charleston.

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Images: Left: Flame & Heart Round Crystal Bowl; right: Egret Rectangle Vase

Via: The Philip Simmons Foundation