And they’re off… FY25 SCAC grants season now open!

SCAC funding available for various projects

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Tuesday, March 4, 2025

Torsos and legs of men and women as they run a marathon race on a city street

Three rolling-deadline grants from the S.C. Arts Commission are now open for applications, getting FY25 off to the races.

These grants offer funding for artists, organizations, and units of government with convenient rolling deadlines. All you have to do is apply no fewer than five (5) weeks before your project is to begin. Here’s a quick rundown…

Accessibility Grants

Accessibility grants are designed to help South Carolina organizations make arts programs and existing facilities accessible to persons with disabilities by removing accessibility barriers that prevent an individual with a disability from fully accessing a service or fully participating in a program.

  • Who’s Eligible? Nonprofit organizations, units of government, and designated S.C. Department of Disabilities & Special Needs boards.
  • How much? Up to $2,500.
  • How can I use it? Programmatic needs (e.g. sign language interpretation, staff training, Braille materials) or upgrades to existing facilities that improve accessibility (e.g. curb cuts, install an elevator, modify a restroom).
  • Click to read the Accessibility Grants guidelines for full details.

Art of Community: Rural SC Grants

This grant supports arts-based projects throughout rural South Carolina that use the arts to address issues and challenges in rural communities. The project must serve the rural community in which the applicant is located. Grant-funded activities should: 1) expand community access to the arts in rural areas and 2) include a public engagement component and 3) engage a project steering committee to lead the project (details on that in the guidelines).

  • Who’s Eligible? Most S.C. nonprofit organizations (arts & non-arts), colleges and universities, libraries, and units of government.
  • How much? Up to $7,500.
  • How can I use it? Examples include… Artist residencies, exhibitions, digital projects, arts festivals, workshops, community murals, equipment (e.g., kilns, lighting or sound equipment, musical instruments, storage), furniture (e.g., easels, music stands), professional services (e.g., performance space rental, web designer, consultant fees), artistic services (e.g., muralist, performers, instructors).
  • Click to read the Art of Community Grants guidelines for full details.

Arts Project Support Grants

These grants support an artist’s or organization’s quality arts project or program or their commitment to improving themselves and/or their work artistically. Among other things, the APS grant can be used to build and/or increase technical, online, or virtual capacity; for supporting art projects in public spaces, community arts development, or professional development for artists and arts administration staff.

  • Who’s Eligible? Artists, nonprofit organizations, and units of government.
  • How much? Up to $2,500 within a fiscal year between up to two (2) grants.
  • How can I use it? The broad uses for these grant funds are mostly the same for artists and organizations, with one key difference being that artists may use funds for certain marketing expenses.
  • Click to read the Arts Project Support Grants guidelines for full details.