Aiken Center for the Arts seeks executive director

Application deadline: April 5

The organization:

The mission of Aiken Center for the Arts is to foster partnerships for the growth of an arts community and to provide arts education, cultural activities, and art opportunities that enrich the quality of life in Aiken.

The Aiken Center for the Arts hosts 23,000 visitors annually offering a multitude of outreach and awareness programs including opportunities for children and adults; juried shows and competitions, lectures and instruction, and a variety of concert events; music, dance, film and other performing arts; as well as a gallery store where local artisans offer their original works for sale. Year-round exhibits in our five exhibition galleries feature artists from around the world, with an emphasis on local and regional talent of the South. The Center has a flexible floor plan to maximize its learning programs, and provides 82 free scholarships for children and seniors annually. Its Brown Pavilion is a state-of- the-art visual facility.

All of this is accomplished with a staff consisting of two full-time and six part-time employees and many dedicated volunteers.

A 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit corporation, the Center follows sound financial practices. The building is debt free, and we follow a pay as you go philosophy which has resulted in a balanced budget for the past nine years. Its $500,000 per-year budget is 98 percent earned through memberships, fund-raisers, facility rentals, classes, grants and art sales commissions. A $400,000 endowment fund helps ensure the long-term financial viability of the Center.

The position:

The executive director is responsible for the management and oversight of all aspects of the organization, reports directly to the board of directors, and represents the Arts Center in the community and in the state.

Job responsibilities:

  1. Increase the Center’s visibility, image and role in the community, and strengthen community support by developing strong relationships with key individuals and organizations.
  2. Active involvement in income-producing activities: finding ways to increase membership income, taking an active role in fundraising activities, and overseeing the grant application process.
  3. Ensure the Center has a balanced operating budget by working with the operations manager and finance committee to maximize revenues and control expenses so the Center breaks even.
  4. All aspects of personnel management, including maintaining job descriptions, hiring, coaching, conducting annual performance reviews and staff scheduling to ensure the Center’s needs are met, and disciplinary action in consultation with the human resources committee of the board.
  5. Lead the strategic planning process with participation from the board of directors.
  6. Ensure a successful gallery exhibition program by leading an exhibit selection team.
  7. Oversight of a robust learning program, working with the programming manager and program committee to determine community needs and provide the resources to meet those needs each year.
  8. Oversight of the gallery store, working closely with the store manager to establish sales goals, a marketing plan and store policies.
  9. Oversee the maintenance of the Center’s 22,000 sq. ft. facility by working with the operations manager, building committee, and contractors to ensure the facility is properly maintained.
  10. Effectively work with the board of directors to ensure that key goals are met.

Visit the website for the full list of qualifications, other requirements, salary offered and application instructions. All applications must be received by 5 p. m. April 5, 2013.

Via: Aiken Center for the Arts