Arts Daily / Patricia Boinest Potter: Patterns of Place

Patricia Boinest Potter: Patterns of Place

The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art presents Patterns of Place, works by Patricia Boinest Potter, on view January 24th through March 7th in Charleston.

Alabama-based artist and architect Potter creates enigmatic artworks in the form of three-dimensional maps that she refers to as “Isomorphic Map Tables” and “1:1 Map Insets.” The exhibition will include a series of six tables and one hundred insets. Ostensibly representing a one-hundred-mile stretch of northern Alabama, these works also expand outward to the cosmos, then inward again into the dark energy of particle physics. The show offers a mix of technical experimentation, metaphoric expansiveness, and curiosity in every square inch. Potter was born in Charleston, SC and currently resides in Anniston, Alabama. She completed her BA at Savannah College of Art and Design and received a Master’s in architecture from the University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland.

Related events:

The opening reception is January 23rd at 6:30pm, with complimentary refreshments and light hors d’oeuvres, provided by Whole Foods Market and Icebox.

January 24th at 2pm, Potter will be joined by Halsey Institute director and chief curator Mark Sloan for a Gallery Talk.

January 25th at 2pm, there will be a roundtable discussion of Potter’s artwork within her exhibition, with Potter, Sloan, and cognitive scientist Douglas Hofstadter. Hofstadter is College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Comparative Literature at Indiana University, Bloomington. His best-known book, “Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid,” won the 1980 Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction and the National Book Award in Science.

January 26th, Dr. Hofstadter will give a public lecture, “The Countless Personal Consequences of my Passionate Craving for Pattern,” at the School of Sciences and Mathematics Building Auditorium.

March 5th, the Halsey offers a Halsey Institute Members-only guided tour starting  at 6pm, led by director and chief curator Mark Sloan. Memberships begin at $15 for students and $40 for individuals; visit the website or contact Emily Rigsby (843-953-5652) to join. The tour is a chance to explore the exhibition, get insider knowledge, meet other Halsey Institute lovers.